Welcome to Fawdaw Mirror

Fawdaw Mirror is a website that contains various software.

Everything hosted on Fawdaw Mirror is software that is openly found on the internet and is free in one form or another. For example, there are several copies of the Windows Operating System. We believe that it is okay to publish, since the software must be activated with a license from Microsoft, which we do not publish. The Windows ISO files are also freely available directly from Microsoft for free.

Fawdaw Mirror has no advertising. This is to make the website safe and secure, and not to confuse users. This also means that Fawdaw Mirror makes no money, but this is a cost that the Fawdaw Mirror team has decided to cover.

Fawdaw Mirror has links to other websites when needed, such as being able to provide the source and information about the software. All links are carefully checked and go to safe websites.

It is always advisable to check the publisher's web pages before downloading files from other web sites, such as Fawdaw Mirror. This is because there may be new versions of the software, which are not available on Fawdaw Mirror or other mirror websites.

Small FAQ:

Where are the files hosted?

All files on Fawdaw Mirror are currently hosted on a server in Oslo, Norway. The website is protected by CloudFlare, which means that the IP address of the website comes from the nearest endpoint of CloudFlare, which is often the nearest server to you.

Why does this website exist?

Fawdaw Mirror is a mirror website, which means that files from various places on the internet are retrieved and stored securely on the servers of Fawdaw Mirror. This is to ensure that the files are kept available, even after the web pages that originally had the files are removed.

One of my programs is on Fawdaw Mirror and I want to remove them!

Send a short E-Mail to takedown.mirror.fawdaw@pxcd.org with your request, and we will arrange it as soon as possible.

I have some software I want to be available on the Fawdaw Mirror.

Send a short E-Mail to takedown.mirror.fawdaw@pxcd.org and we'll see what we can do.