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Lindows, later Linspire, was an attempt similar to Corel Linux to put desktop Linux in the hands of the consumer. With a customized KDE 3.x desktop, custom applications borderline cloning the Apple iLife suite, and a primitive "app store," it was intended to be easy to use and fully functional out of the box.

Linspire 5.x

Linspire 5.0.118

Release notes: Linspire 5.0 (Or "Five-O" as it was branded) was considered an exceptionally good and stable release. Linspire made this version available as both a store-bought boxed set and a digital download.

Linspire 4.5.x

Linspire 4.5.453 (OEM)

Linspire 4.5.453 (LIVE)

Release notes: For legal reasons, the product was renamed from "Lindows" to "Linspire" during the 4.5 version.

Lindows 4.0.x

Lindows 4.0.302

Lindows 3.x

Lindows 3.0.0

Lindows 2.x

Lindows 2.1.40

Lindows 1.x

Lindows 0.91 (Sneak Preview 2)

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